Best Legendary Treasure Cave team suggestions?

I seem to have hit a wall in the Legendary Treasure Caves - level 21.  Using Wyrm Wrangler, level 6, Pyroon, level 6, Vinebeard, level 9, and Lamp, level 5.  Any suggestions are appreciated!  Thanks.


  • Off-hand, I can’t remember what level 21 is like, but I can give you some general advice.

    Deadknight is good if you have lots of dead spots and strong urns at the back. Otherwise, I would use Wyrm Wrangler like you - especially on levels with lots of rocks.

    Pyroon is not a good one for this though. The fire only affects the front row, is comparatively weak, and rarely covers urns. I use Thunderhoof.

    Sometimes, I use Vinebeard, but you may want to give Wink Warg a go. They strengthen each other and their ability to always run together can be especially useful in the final turn.

    All the purples can work well, depending on the situation. Lamp Wraith is good for getting early damage in, especially on the back row in rock-strewn levels. Raven Master fences can tear through most levels that feature empty (wheat?) squares, allowing (hopefully) for more urns to spawn. I can see Moon Mage being good too, being most likely to bust up even the strongest of urns.

    You still have a long way to go before your team is capped. You may get lucky but, chances are that you’ll have to be patient, and that may be a good thing.

    I’m on level 28 now, it’s been a struggle to get here, and I’m lucky if I manage to get 40 per go.

    I suspect you are getting more than that on your current level?
  • Depends on how strong the rest of your legendaries are I use wyrm wrangler sunblade grimwall and raven I like quick attackers generally have moves to spare
  • Thanks to both of you for the advice.  I will play around with the combinations you both suggested.  Other than Wink (level 5), all my legendaries are 6 or above, so something will hopefully work.  Thanks again.
  • I used wyrm wrangler,  pyroon/sunblade, vb and Lamp wraith for all levels until 30. for level 30 I needed dead knight and pyroon.  
  • Thank you, Rebel.  I’ll give wyrm, Sunblade, vb, and lamp a try.
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