Locked Bounty Mob Boss???

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Okay, so I finally get through all the lower mobs and come back out to find the final boss locked with no explanation why????? What is going on? Any explanation as to why not being allowed to finish the mob? See attached screen shot


  • You need a Mythical creature to unlock it...
  • Evidently, but why was it locked after the mob came out. When it first came out, it was not locked!
  • Such a disappointment! That negates 99% of the players from finishing the mod bounties. Total bummer!
  • I haven't been able to play any mob so far. For me they are all locked. I'm lacking Mythical creatures and so far I managed to get one (1!) Mythical gem... only 224 to go this one creature. I stopped looking at the mobs. Every time I tried they were locked for me with no explanation whatsoever. I would gladly play any mob at any level, but I can't :(
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