Update is Rolling Out!

We've rolled out the new update to a chunk of our Android players, and if all goes well, the rest of us will have it over the next few days. Here's what you'll see when it's your turn to download the goodness:

At least some of the runins are now available in the shop. We are working right now on the update with the events where all runins will drop.

A big thing that you all hopefully won’t even notice was an infrastructure update for Android users, to comply with Google’s newest technical requirements. All you should see, if you see anything, is a smoother experience.

We’ve stopped Mossbow from landing critical hits on things that don’t have heads, as well as unmatched creatures.

We’ve fixed a couple of bugs that affected walls when you merged Gnawbark and Sunblade. Those critters are going to be somewhat more powerful now. Let me know what you think.

Vinebeard used to attack Sunblade walls behind baseline, and hit the baseline. We’ve fixed that.

Hero Arena adjustment, ahoy! This does not apply to Legend, GM3, or GM2. We’ve left those alone for now. For GM1 and lower: The matchmaker will now try to offer you the option of at least one person within 30% of your power rating, in addition to your ranking. This should give you a better chance of a win. Please note the “try” - if you’re very high up in your league, there’s a chance the system won’t be able to make a lower level match. It’s the price of being awesome.

Our first take at leaderboard rewards for the Hero Challenge are in, AND we’ve changed the Hero Challenge milestones to make it easier to get rewards. See what you think.

We relaxed the restrictions for Bounty and Bounty Mob modes for the Epic, Legendary, and Mythical tracks. You may now use creatures from within three tiers of the title - for example, the Legendary track now allows Rare, Epic, and Legendary creatures. Our newer players who have just gotten their first high level creature should have better access now. 

We also slightly raised the villain’s level in the early bounties on each track. But while we were at it, we addressed a bug in bounty mobs - enemy level was too high in all bounty mobs, causing crazy ballistas and enemy side rocks. This has been fixed.

Gloomfang’s had a bit of love. At Rank 1, we changed a merge gem to a grow gem. She also now has higher luck on her Night Bite - a better chance to grow more from that.

Underworld bug fixes: There’s now a higher "Max Creatures Captured" value in Underworld, meaning that the player won't fail as easily. Also fixed a bug where Hamo would start stealing HP from the player instead of sacrificing units when close to the "Max Creatures Captured" value. Will now capture creatures to the Max limit, then start stealing player HP instead.

We’ve done a quick pass on rewards, and we thank you all so much for the feedback and the bug reports:

  • Free chests/daily quest chests will now contain a wider variety of stuff.

  • Underworld rewards are very much improved, especially if you look at mode currency. I can’t give an exact amount since the amount will depend on how far you’ve progressed in each chamber, but I’m pretty excited.

  • Treasure Hunt rewards have been adjusted so Mythical pays out higher than Legendary.

  • Guild Dungeon chests got a good shaking. We fixed the error that caused a lower season’s end rank to be worth more. We’ve added the special, non-farmable runes and minerals to the chests you get from the second playthrough. And the boss chests now contain gems and currency (note that the overall value of those boss chests should be the same).

  • Gold amounts in the Grand key chest will be more variable over a wider range.

As always: Solgard is a living world. We’re already hard at work on the next update, with special events, another round of reward adjustments, and more. Thanks for sticking with us - now let’s kick some ice!


  • The new offers and subscription leave a bad taste to players who have been playing since the beginning. To the point that guild members are considering leaving the game because the cost is not worth the enjoyment of playing. You speak of building community and champion unity, but this update shows a level of greed that negates this. Why do you expect players to spend real cash daily? Isn’t the profit from diamond subscription enough? What is the end goal really? 
  • LetHeather. I think you have misread the offer “Play More Every Day” which is also a 30 day subscription. The Get It Today buys are for those who might be interested - otherwise just continue window shopping and playing the game while enjoying the comradery of your guild mates :).
  • It is frustrating to users who have invested time and money on a game they enjoy to have no new events or campaign to play. So this update only offering more ways to scam cash from users is not cool. Hence the cause for desertion... my guild has been top 25 for so long and recently top 30 since the overhaul - we want to improve/strengthen our creatures/teams. Not providing ways to do so other than spending real cash leads to frustration across the globe. 
  • I like this new update. I noticed especially the HA adjustment. Now I can find someone to fight that I think is within my ability to win and not give up to Autoplay because it is hopeless and I'm just in it for the daily chest. Not sure what to think about the offer of extra play passes etc. I have a hard time to use up on a daily basis what is offered for free in the game. I don't have that kind of time every day =).
    I also like that the creatures are now ranked by power when I go to pick a team. Makes it easier to see where my creatures stand.
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