How is this even possible?

Top 100 in GM3 with ordinary creatures? 
Sure this was possible before the update but now??
Either this is an inactive player who’s been left behind by the software or
this guy is incredibly skilled or incredibly lucky or both or
he’s discovered a hack we’d all love to know about. 
Any other theories?
He’s done me a favor anyhow, two easy victories as I met him twice today!


  • A few different things may be happening: 1) That player is spending a ton of money to be successful in HA with a crummy team. 2) That is showing the "last team played" and not the same lineup the player uses in the HA. 3) That player has a hacked version of the game and is cheating.
  • I think I understand this now... this was one of the first players to réalisé that getting into the Legends League is not actually worthwhile in terms of rewards. There is currently a frantic scramble to gain that much-coveted 51st place in my GM3 league. Myself included. I need the better rewards, therefore I need to stay in GM3
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