Special Deals from Solgard?

since the update, I have not received any Special Deal offers from Solgard other than a renewal of my monthly  diamond  subscription.  Have they discontinued these?  Would have thought they would still offer these to continue to generate revenue.


  • Have you checked out the Shop, Redeem button.. 

  • I have checked this, thanks.  I was asking about the deals like buying a Chest or something for real cash.  Used to get a deal where you got a chest and 500 diamonds for $4.99 (looking for a good deal that includes diamonds).  Going to need gold to level up a couple of legendaries, so I want to buy diamonds to use to buy gold (want to use my remaining conversion coins for dust and runes when runins finally appear).
  • In that case, look under Currency. No chests, but that is where you will find diamonds and gold.

  • Those special deals that you speak of will probably return once everyone has spent their conversion currency. 
  • I got so much conversion currency that I have a hard time to spend it. I can't quite figure out what to buy. I will probably change a lot of it into gold considering the prices I have seen for some gems...
  • The special deals are back ! At high prices for some ! Enjoy !
  • Oh yeah, 30 boxes to increase 1 capacity of a legendary creature !!! I will for sure not start to spend money in this game. 20 boxes the season pass just to play more, compared to other games I play like Clash Royale it is far far far too expensive (like 20 times too expensive) to consider investing. Better buy some full games + DLCs on PC games to spend hours and hours of gaming.

    I will consider quitting after 1 year of Solgard I think, too expensive to boost a creature. Too bad!
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