Solgard, what have you done?

Why are we re leveling creatures when there has been a new campaign section sitting there, just waiting to be finished? Why am I re learning a game I have loyally played and promoted. We have lost so many great players thanks to this patch. What's next?


  • You have a lot of the same feelings many of us have. The fact of the matter is the game, as it was, was not evolving the way that everyone had hoped, and the devs needed to make some changes, as it was getting stagnant and boring for players. The next steps are making tweaks and adjustments to the changes they implemented, and then new content! Hooray! Yes, Heim 5 will be coming soon (for reals this time), along with further revamps of other game modes, so don't despair, enjoy the shopping spree with your conversion tokens, and improvements will continue coming.
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