Adding a button "Collect all" for daily questspress

Will a button to collect all the daily quests at once be added? 

Will be much more efficient than to scroll up and down and press collect 9 times. 


  • I agree, same with the auto harvest so many clicks just to get them 6 times (normal, rare, epic)
  • Oh yeh, I agree. And add:
    - please skip the "pick" screen in under world if there is only one creature to "choose" from (and why do we have to pick lower tier creatures, which we are not allowed to use anymore?)... i would also love a auto pick by power option for under world.
    - please add multi buy buttons (2x, 3x) for all where you can redeem more than once (e.g. epic dust) not only for some gems like fire strider. 
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