Dungeon Boss glitch/bug

On helhiem the crystal requirements say common, rare, and epic creatures. But my only choices are epics. Noticed this last week but after glancing through my rares and commons for warriors and spirits (double checking on current crystal), its pretty clearly not working as intended.


  • Not quite understand what you mean here and the issue you are experiencing.

    Could you explain that in more detail and post a screen shot of it so I can take a closer look at it? 
  • We had guild members saying they couldnt attack crystals due to not having a team, but as i understood it and read it on my screen you could use common/rare/epic creatures on Helhiem Boss fights and their crystals. 
  • Crystal Teams Available

  • Lokvar Teams Available 
  • I dunno if there are just no warrior/spirits in those rarities i glanced through, but it seemed odd, but perhaps intended.
  • Now I got you!

    Those creatures that show up are the only ones that are Spirits and Warriors.

    For example, in the red ones only Shroomling is a Spirit and Valkyrie a Warrior and therefore only they will show up. Roughpaw is a Beast and Hobling is Small Folk etc, so they do not come upthere since it's only Spirits and Warriors. 
  • There are (currently) no Common or Rare Spirits or Warriors. Grimchop was a Warrior before the update, but was changed to Small Folk so, although it looks like a bug, it isn’t.
  • Yea i get the sense its by intention. Seems odd but, not the worst.
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