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  • I have to wonder how players have all 3 mythical creatures at lvl 6 already... how can this happen with such poor odds for mythical gems? Were these players the “special” ones who user tested the update? Do they spend tons of cash on chests/diamonds etc? Or have they discovered how to conquer hero challenge in 2 day season? It’s a slow roll like before the overhaul (legendary gems) to gather/win mythical gems. 
    A new campaign would be wonderful right now and the goal should be expanding the worlds, creating new challenges/events - bring back boss arena! 
    If the developers cared then their algorithms for player advantage should go against the stronger players like ComancheFlight for example, so they cannot crush every battle! Making it easier for lower players to feel like they have a shot and increase the “chance” of earning better prizes. What can i do with 500 gold on hourly chest award - i mean really? Really? Come on! 
  • I have the same questions.

    MidgardScourge seems to be an employee of SnowPrint but for other player I am very surprised too.
  • My observation and opinion is that several players are employed by game here.  Ethical game developers would have employees play a independent game clone to figure strategies or bugs. Society has really changed and software companies have gone amok with thinking only their way of thinking and behavior rule.
  • @LeHeathers,

    As one of those 'special' ones who tested the update i can assure you that I/we have no advantage when it comes to obtaining mythical gems. I'm not even close to unlocking one yet. 

    Most players in top guilds and higher positions in hero arena/challenge are starting to unlock them now because they've been purchasing gems daily with tokens as well as using them to purchase keys for chests. 

    Higher positions = More tokens = more keys = more chests = more chances to unlock a mythical. 

    There are also paying customers like Comanche who choose to purchase extra opportunities which is their prerogative. 

    And then there are the super lucky players who have managed to win the 120 mythical gems in the summoner chest on more than one occasion. They're rare but they do exist!  
  • Hi,

    @XymoX – Can you provide us with your user ID so we can look into it, please? 
  • Do you mind the user tag ? 
    My Id in the game is the same as my Id for this chat : XymoX
  • 28 chests and....nothing but
    for the 29th chest I won 10
    mythical gems. Not an astonishing win but nevertheless a win. 
     Does it mean a reverse toward more favorable odds ? Wait and see !
    My trust in the game ability to deliver fair odds have been badly stabbed by this incredible series of loss
    and I ll probably not use my precious 
    diamonds to test such an hypothesis.
  • @XymoX
    The user ID is synonymous with the player tag, which you can find in the settings menu! 

    For clarification, did you purchase summoner chests or the Grand Chest? 
  • @XymoX congratulations on finally getting mythical gems !
  • @SourMjolk

    i purchased  ritual (summoner ?) chests with keys and the 28 trials mentionned above concerned ritual chests purchased for the most part with keys

    Rituel = ritual with my translation from French to English but maybe the correct word is Summoner 

     in fact those chests with the better likelihood to win mythical gems  that is 20%
  • edited September 11
    @XymoX OK, thank you. If you could post a screenshot of your settings menu, that'd be very valuable to us. 
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