Unlucky luck

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I have a problem and i would like to know if i am alone to be in trouble with skeewed probabilties. 
Here is my problem : during the last 3 weeks, i bought, with keys or diamonds, 18 ritual chests (EDIT : 20 ritual chests a day later)  and i obtained, guess what ? ...0  mythical tokens ! Nothing ! Nada ! Z !
Given the odds, a beautiful 20%, i expected 2 or 3 chests full of myhtical tokens, but nothing ! 

Dear players, did  you expérience the same unfavorable odds ?

Thanks for your answers and feel i am not alone to be abandoned by luck ;))


  • Remember, each time you open a Mythical chest, the odds are 4 to 1 against your getting a Myrhical gem.
    The number of chests you open does not change those odds, each time you open a chest, it is an independent event.  The odds are so bad that as much as I love opening chests, I won’t waste any diamonds on them.  Grand chest odds are even worse.
  • Still, at a stated 20% odds, regardless of each being an independent event, he still should have received about 3 mythics out of the 18. Yes, he could have had an incredibly bad streak of luck, like flipping heads 5 times in a row, it's just rather unlikely, if the game mechanic is truly set to 20%. It seems like in actuality (based on informal observations) it's more like a 10% mythic payout, which makes the 0 out of 18 not nearly as difficult to occur.
  • Thank you for your explanations. Of course there are independant draws but the odds can not be of 0% for each draw .  i totally agree with liquidminstral 
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    Doesnt matter if its independant events or not. The median average is accross the board, 1 in 5 chance, is 1 in 5 chance. Lotto tickets have successive loosers too, you dont find a winner every 5 tickets.
  • So be it !
    Empirical  odds are very different : 20 trials and 0 win. Theoretical odds and probabilities doesn’t  mean  anything for normal players, raw data do ! 
  • You are not alone @XymoX ;

    If it wasn't for bad luck, I'd have zip, nada, 0 luck at all, unless you consider more Bog Mage gems lucky.

  • Still nothing after 22 chests
    @zzzz  we are  « Bugged » mages
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