Next realm?

sorry if this has been asked before, but wondering when the next update will come through w access to Niflheim? Finished Helheim a few days ago...


  • Ah - ok. I’ve just noticed that back in MARCH 2018 you were talking about the new realm “coming soon”. I guess there are no further plans to develop this game then? A shame!
  • New realms are coming! The game has just gone through a MAJOR change over, thus yes, much development is still taking place. The next Heim will be coming soon in a future update. The conversion had to take place before they could release it. Now that we have the conversion, there's some kinks to work out and tweaks to make, but I have been reassured it is coming very soon.
  • Still no new realm and its October.  What's up with that.
  • So, we have come to find out that world 5 won't be coming out for a while. Now that the Blot festival has been released and new creatures have been introduced, what was slated for the World 5 release is no longer relevant and needs to be updated. Sad to say it's going to probably be months before it comes.
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