Wooden Chest

Why do all of the Legendary and Mythical creatures show that gems may be obtained from the wooden chests in the shop?  The wooden chest only give these worthless keys since the upgrade. 

Also, since the upgrade, building up creatures has become virtually impossible. It is completely pointless to even try and build up creatures when all you get for running a dungeon is only 1 lousy gem. WHAT THE HECK??!?!? Let’s dont even discuss idols! How in the name of all sanity do you expect us to make idols when it will take literally a year to save up enough items to even think about making even the first idol much less 2 on most of the playable creatures?????

I thought with the upgrade I might actually see improved gameplay, and actually make things worthwhile to spend some money on the game. But sadly, with these kind of drop rates it will be a cold day in HELL before I spend any money on this game.


  • I have obtained mythical gems from the free chest 3 times so it possible! 
  • You are one lucky guy. I forgot how many of the chests I already opened and I get keys, which I admit I like, and gold. With the keys you can buy chests instead of using diamonds which I like. But I haven't got any mythical gems from any chest so far...
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