Make a path for Common characters to Legendary

I admit I was upset after the update but the solution seems fairly clear.  There needs to be something that elevates common and rare creature to Legendary. A ring,  an Idol, something and you need to be able to upgrade your existing commons not start over.   Hercules had the 12 labors I sure there something similar in Norse Mythology. That way it won't the same creatures all the time in the Arena and elsewhere. I loved the Mole and the yellow elf and I used them almost every game in the Arena.  Now uou see the same 10 in almost every game OR make a common Arena, Rare, Epic, and Legendary Arenas


  • You are absolutely right, and this is something that has been suggested to the developers before. Hopefully they will take note and/or have plans already to do something like this. In HA, we are only seeing a couple combinations of creatures being played which gets pretty boring. As long as we keep asking for things like this, we can hope that the devs will pay attention and make it a reality.
  • Hi I would prefer multiple arenas that way we would be fighting commons versus comments  rare versus rare  so on and so forth
  • That's another great idea.
  • Another option 1 common, 1 rare, 1 epic, and 1 Legendary the strategy may return
  • I would love to see the different creatures have ability boosts based on the other members they are fighting along with. Something like those with fire abilities boosting each other, or the defenders boasting each other. Different than say the Hog giving a boost to those around his creation. When creatures of the same ability type are fighting together they boost one another, much like in RPG games and card battle games like Magic. This too would help bring strategy back to the forefront of battles!!
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