Legendary Creatures past Level 6

How are some people getting past Level 6 with Legendary creatures! Where are they getting special ruins if you haven’t been having any special events?


  • Some of the creatures like Wyrm Wrangler, Grimchop, Cracklehoof appear both as legendary and common one. 
    Players that had the common creatures already on a high level when the legendary ones got introduced, those creatures were put into the same level for these players. 
  • Basically, if you had a RavenMaster with lvl 10 abilities before, it became a legendary with lvl 10 abilities, enabling you to max out to lvl 12 without "runins." Same goes for any creature that had lvl 10 abilities before the conversion.
  • How is it possible to collect runins? I got 700k Gold with the update and no idea how to spend it. The most important issue would be to develop the old legendary creatures above Level 6 or 9.
  • Runinn are not available yet. The rumours are that you will be able to get them from special events (likely Rainbow) when they come back.
    Once they do, you’ll be glad you have that much gold...
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