Unlink my account from Game Center.

How can i unlink my account from Game Center? Can this be done via a support ticket? is it possible? Are the developers still working on a way to move your progress from IOS to Google play or vice versa? 

Here’s the situation, I play the game on an iso device that is linked to a Game Center Apple ID that is not “mine” think corporate owned hardware/generic Apple ID. If I want to link the game to my personal Apple ID how would i go about being able to do this?


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  • It is not possible to transfer a game from Game Center to Google Play. It is not either possible to transfer a gam between two Game Center accounts.

    Please send an email to Player Support under the game settings and see if they can manually restore the game for you in some way on your Game Center account so you can start playing there and not have to start from the scratch. 
  • I agree, I have an old account that is locked into my Game Center and I can't get rid of it. As a result, my main account is not backed up on GC, and I worry if something happens to my phone now, I will lose everything which will result in me not playing LoS anymore.
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