Top 20 Guild HELS FURY is recruiting

Looking for 2 new members lvl 30+ to join our English speaking, international guild. We focus on having fun and building friendships with each other whilst sharing ideas and helping each other do better every season. 

This guild does currently have more females than males but we kick ass and swear like sailors and like our Guildies with a bit of sass and personality.

If this sounds like you and you have a strong dungeon team at all rarity levels (4 x commons - epics maxed and idolled, 4 legendaries lvl 8+ with idols) then what are you waiting for? 


  • I’d like to join-  do you have a Tag I could use to find you and sign up?
  • Sorry- I should say that I’m level 34, also sweary and female ;) with level 10 legendaries and level 8-9 epics
  • edited August 6
    Pricey you sound like a perfect fit!  are you on Facebook? We have a fb page and also use messenger for strategy updates. Guild tag is #OVQSM
    Also: my alt account was just in a guild (Guardians) with a pricey, was that you? 
  • Yup that’s me! I don’t do fb- is it mandatory? 
  • But would consider it :)
  • You don't need FB actually, just the messenger app. CourtJester here by the way
  • Rebs is in a bad cell reception area so I'm a go between till she gets home to her wifi lol
  • Okay. I'm off the train and have a connection again 😁
    Like Brendan said,  fb isn't mandatory but the in guild chat isn't an effective means of communication. We do posts strategy updates there but messenger is far more effective especially if we need to clean up with bombs or make last minute strategy changes. We do have a discord channel but the team never really warmed to it and kept reverting back to messenger! 
  • I gotta admit, messenger is much easier to chat on anyways 😂😂😂
  • @pricey it's after 11pm in Australia so I'll be going to bed soon but I've made the spot available if you want to jump in when you're ready. 😁
  • It's so sad that the game and strong guilds are losing so many long time players as a direct result of the most recent update.

    I understand many of the frustrations but I still have hope that the devs are listening and will rectify the issues soon. 🤞

    The one thing that I believe is more exciting since the big update is dungeon mode. Learning to play a variety of teams from different rarities in order to crush the boss is definitely a rewarding experience. Celebrating your awesome scores with your Guildies and cheering each other on is still just as satisfying as it was before.

    Fortunately, Hel's Fury has done well post update, climbing 12 positions from 30 to rank 18th on the leaderboard the last two seasons and we are looking to climb higher! 

    If you have a passion for the dungeons and love to kick the boss where it hurts then you may just be the kind of player we are looking for! 
    Level 31+ with 4 near maxed, fully idolled creatures of all rarities (8+ for legendaries) is essential as is a sense of humour. We love laughing and having fun just as much as annihilating the boss.
    We do expect members to contribute to collective boosts throughout each season and to donate and battle daily in accordance to the strategy provided daily via messenger. 

    If this sounds like you then look no further, we are the guild for you! 
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