Helfast currently ranked in top 1000 #UHWRF

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We are a small group of close friends, currently looking to take in new or veteran players. 

Our current objective is to fill our rosters, We do not have much for requirements, we prefer that you're at least active. And be aware that we are all english speaking. Our team chat is on the LINE app, we utilize this to make call outs and coordinate team stradegy .


  • We have 5 spaces open, come join the fun.
  • We have 4 spots open, come join the fun.
  • 2 open spots, no level requirements. Just looking for active players donating and using dungeon turns. 
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    1 spots open, again no level requirements, looking for active players donating to guild buffs and using their dungeon turns.

  • One spot is open, come join the fun. No level requirements, just looking for players who are active with donations and dungeon turns.

  • We currently are looking to fill another spot, this time we have decided to grandfather current members, and set our requirements to level 10. We're looking for Active players donating max daily, and using dungeon turns daily. We utilize the Line app for our team chat, you can add me, ID=xBizzo, for more information.
  • We have 1 spot open, and we're looking for a player who is at leat level 10, and is making 150g donations per day, and utilizing the dungeon attempts/bombs.

    We are currently ranked within the top 500.
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