how do you get the mythical keys?


  • Hi stefy!

    The Mythical Keys can be won in events, tournaments and also purchased in some chests. 
  • But only at Mythical events. And I can't participate in Mythical events without atleast one Mytical Guy. So it is a catch 22.
  • That’s not true. I have no mythical creatures to permit participation in mythical events, but I’ve already collected enough mythical keys to open the mythical chest. 
  • The main problem you all should be asking about, is why do you usually get Legedary gems from a mythical chest? The game states you have a 20% chance of getting mythical gems from a mythical chest. In reality, it's closer to 10%. That is B.S. If I earn a mythical chest, I should get mythical gems, end of story.
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