Added visibility for guild leaders

could guild leaders see the guild related activity by member instead of just days active and total donations?  What I would want is last time since played against boss and/ or crystals, and time since last donation.  There are players out there that want the buffs but aren’t willing to contribute much to earning them. 


  • Would also like more options for promoting members different levels for more or less actuve players. 
  • Yes would like to see more ranks added to the guild other than just Officer. The way you have made the guild options is extremely bland compared to other mobile games. Add private chat, officer chat, more ranks, guild duties for ranks, private invite, expand number of guild members allowed, instead of or maybe add having guilds battle bosses, set up guilds to battle guilds, players vs players in guilds  like you do in hero arena or hero challenge but with the guilds and  players that win matches accumulate points for their guild. At the end of the match the guild with the most points wins and moves up the leaderboards while the losing guild drops down the leaderboards.
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