Arena VS challenge - increase the difference

After update it is unfortunately difficult to see the big difference between challenge and arena. U fight with your legend team against legend team and in challenge u mostly get your common rare and epic slaughtered.

Real challenge and differ from arena could be if u challenge an entire team from common to legendary at 1 opponent. Maybe shorter cool down and maybe better points the stronger the team is. 


  • A longer season for HC would help! Why not mirror the HA in timeframe - this would help players earn majority of rewards in HC making it more enjoyable. Right now its not fun and i rather not play HC...
  • Not sure I agree. After the first 3 Bouts I usually face opponents that are impossible to beat. So I just let the AI play the requisite game and hope for the next season.
  • edited September 2019
    I dont mind it, i do think it is a bit of a time investment for what it is. The awards are easier to earn, but it wasn't easier by much. The power-levels definitely seem wonky, something is going on and hopefully being investigated. I mostly grind it for the season chest, and the little bit I can on the bout progress. I like that it resets early, and gives me more points in a weeks time to upgrade things. Making it last longer, would also mean the rewards would need to be looked at to change time investment, for return. If you are actually trying to get all your HC turns in a day, its a lot of time and grinding for a not so good game mode, otherwise growth is growth.
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