Underworld: 5 creatures in a battle

I am not sure how to reproduce the issue, but somehow I got 5 creatures in the underworld battle. I will attach the screenshot below. 


  • I happen to see this issue also, but with the purple creatures. My purple ghast got taken away and I replaced it with another purple. But for some reason only some of my ghast were removed. The others stayed on until the ned of the round.
  • Not an error guys. Volt is just identifying as an Elf. LOL.  
  • This has been reported and being looked into already. Thanks for the heads up though! 
  • I saw this once too.
  • This happened to me today too. I lost rough paw, he was replaced with  gnawbark, with 4 rough paws staying in th game and rough paws coming out of the draw afterwards too. After the game, I’d lost boomlin from my list of available creatures
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