Creature Behavior Error

I believe this to be a bug but it may be on purpose. It just seems like it shouldn't work the way it does. When you merge a creature stack its ability power goes off. If you merge some more creatures on it its power goes off again and if you stack another the power goes off again. However, when you do it in one move to a big creature it doesn't go off. See example layout below:

G = A big green creature already merged
y = A yellow creature
g = Small green creatures

y g
g g

As it is listed above nothing is happening. If you remove the yellow creature the first two green creatures merge into the bigger creature and the big creature's ability goes off. Then the second two green creatures merge and the ability DOES NOT go off. Seems like an error. 


  • I don’t know if I am correct, but in my experience removing the y results in the creation of a large creature which then merges into the current large creature, thus resulting in just one merge.   This may be the reason that you are only seeing the abilities activated once instead of twice.
  • edited July 2019
    Ive seen the same scenario as explained above. Only in mine it wasnt merged directly behind, it was merged lines bellow, and advanced to the front, where the two big merged duplicates, merged, as you can guess, a single proc.

    I think in the layout you discribe, i would prefer the 2 seperate merges, to the one. I'd suspect it should be looked at more in depth.
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