Constructive Update Feedback

Let me start by saying I have been playing 6 months and was level 19 and had just gotten a few commons to 6, had all but 2 legendary, and had completed the campaign and felt pretty good about my overall progression.  The variety in the creatures, the varies game modes with the different types of progression they provide make this game very fun to play daily.  This update was major and honestly overall is has not been great.  I am going to provide as much detail as I can so sorry if it is a long read.

I will expand on these more in each game mode but this is an overall feel PRO and CON.

More Gold - seem to be getting more gold a day which is nice and upgrades seem cheaper in the ways of gold.
Conversion - I got a TON of conversion points.  Honestly too much.  I would estimate the conversion points I got was worth 3+ years of progression.  I got 100000 gold conversion tokens.  2500 (2.5%) yielded 300000 gold.  300000 gold would takes months to earn.  I unlocked 3 legendary that took 145 shards each.  Cost 1200 (1.2%) to get 160 shards that both unlocked the legendary and each and an upgrade .  160 legendary shards X 3 from daily hard nodes would take 3-6 months (total guess).  I also got 20000 black conversion tokens.  I haven't spent too many but the materials and molds I could get from that would take years.  
Hard modes completed always gives you at least 1 shard.  I would rather it take more shards and know I am working toward something than pass a hard mode and get nothing.  This was super nice change.  Before I would do a Cracklehoof and get roughly 1 out of 3.  

My main issue is that before all creatures seemed viable.  Fast common creatures were typically higher level and could complete with slower higher tiered creatures.  Made for some interesting combos.  Now it is all legendary.  If an opponent is using commons they are done for, not even close.
The difficulty in many game modes seems very broken to me.  My creature power level went up 2x3 times (for epic and legendary) it seems while the enemies went up 3x6 times.  Not saying I can't win anything but it is far more RNG than skill it seems at this point.
The rewards for some modes are also very broken to me. Several game mode went from being able to get top rewards in a week or month to months and possibly years.  There may be more ways to earn those items but it makes the daily playtime seem worthless.

Let me dive in to the varies game modes.

Campaign (Score 9) : I had already passed it so it is hard to evaluate.  I did do several hard missions on level 125+.  They were certainly hard and seem more RNG but I was able to win a few and earned legendary shards for it.  Only thing I don't know if how to use the keys I am getting.

Treasure Caves (Score 10) : I have no complaints for Treasure caves.  I have really only done the Legendary caves since the update but they seem reasonably hard.  I earn a fair number of tokens on auto-battle for the other tiers where I can get rewards at least weekly.

Bounties (Score 10) : Seems ok.  Again fights seem a bit more RNG and they aren't all real easy but I can earn some gold here each day and it seems fine.

Wanted Bounty (Score 9) : Seems ok.  Some fights seem crazy hard but I can still complete a good number, get a fair number of raid tickets and gold like before.

Dungeons (Score 8) : I haven't seen too much of this but it seems ok.  I really should hold judgement until we get a bit further but our guild progress is about as far now as before.  I am curious on the rewards.

Hero Arena (Score 8) : I hated arena before so the 8 is in comparison to that.  I was always outmatched and RNG always seemed against me.  Now I feel closer to the power of my opponent but less variety as everyone is all legendary.  So it seems RNG once again will determine the winner. It always took a long time to earn a chest from pvp before so I can't really compare the rewards just yet.  It seems worse just based on the fact I am earning epic tokens and the competition is all legendary.

Hero Challenge (Score 1) : I really liked the recent change in Hero Challenge.  The first few bouts were kind of easy but by the 3rd round it was getting challenging.  I was ending up at the 4th reward sometimes the 5th.  I was able to earn a fair number of dust and it felt like I was seeing some good progress in my creature abilities.  Now after 4 rounds (winning every game) I haven't even gotten to the 2nd reward and the battles are super hard.  I have earn 5 tokens and it takes 100-200 to get a decent reward.  Terrible.  Almost not worth my time.

Underworld (Score 1) : I was enjoying the old underworld change too.  I was struggling to pass chamber 9 but I could usually get through 8 or 9 fights and earn a hundred or so tokens a day.  Within a week those tokens could be used to get some needed mold materials and I felt like I was making some decent progress.  Now the fights are crazy hard.  The wolf in battle 5 has 300+ hps and since you are fighting with Epics it is basically kills me every time.  I seem to be only earning around 50 tokens a day since I can't beat battle 5 I don't know the rewards I am missing there.  Before it was like 60 bonus tokens.  Even if I was ok with 50 tokens a day, instead of rewards being 200 tokens for a large number of materials or 4000 for a nice mold chest.  They are 1000s for each material (which you need several of) and 10000+ for molds.  I would estimate 6 months - years for earning idols this way.

Now there may be more ways to earn idols and cores and runes.  But right now the "Daily" reward progression to earn those is just totally out of balance (Hero Challenge and Underworld).  I hope the devs relook at those game modes.  


  • In fairness it took forever to make idols before the update.  You were lucky if you got one a month.  Hero challenge is getting better but you still see the same 10 creatures.  It is like the Devs took all the creatures that nobody plays and made them Legendary.  Plus they totally scrubbed stun characters.  Now it is all field control and column attacks.  Wall attacks is another issue which way too overpowered. You hardly get to play in some matches it is over in less than 2 minutes.  Before the update at least there was some strategy now it is "mine is bigger than yours"
  • In the shop you can exchange the keys for chests. You can also buy the chests with diamonds, but if you have enough keys for a chest, the diamond price disappears. For example, you need 100 keys for the epic chest.
  • This is becoming hum drum, same stuff every day. No mythical creatures. No campaign. I don't have time to play hero arena all day I work. Bought done with this......
  • I agree @Ninny There is a bit of monotony to some of it. New stuff is coming however! Just keep farming for now and soon there will be updates. Also, you don't need to play HA all day to get your plays in. it works out nicely to play 5 first thing in the morning, 5 mid-day, and 5 before going to bed. That gives you 15 plays per day, in 3 sessions ;)
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