Where to find special Ruins?


Anyone knows where to find or how to make special Runins?
for example - Epic Hildur Rubin.



  • Epic Hildur Runin ** 
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    Dont know how to make them, but virtually all the redeem markets have them. Start with your harvest coins 
  • According to multiple posts in the Facebook community Runins will be available in special events.
  • I looked through shop and arena chest contents and couldn't find them listed as a possibility. There's always a chance they'll be a boss drop, though I've seen no official confirmation of that.
  • You will need to wait for special events to get them. There are none running right now so stay tuned, you will soon be able to get them. 
  • Evidently they are out there somewhere because I am seeing Legendary heroes will skills above level 6, which is where you need them. So please, someone share either how to make them or where to find them.
  • Here is an example of someone who has used one already!
  •  Sorry phone wouldn't upload image, had to go to a desktop.
  • Pyroon used to be Rare. If a player already had their Pyroon abilities above level 6, these transferred across when they were promoted, so skipping the step that required the Runinn. The same goes for any legendary creatures that had already achieved level 7+ in either ability before the update. Those that had the maximum level 10 in an ability before the update can go on to the new cap of level 12 without needing Runinn at all!

    Epics have a similar ceiling at the moment (needing Runinn; restricting to level 9 abilities) but, again, creatures that had already got level 10 abilities bypass this step are able to go on to level 12.

    Deadknight is the only brand new legendary creature with the update (Thunderhoof and Grimwall were clones from their demoted cousins). This is the only creature that definitely should not have abilities above 6 at the moment.

    Soon there will be events starting (rumoured to be Rainbow) that will allow you to win Runinn but, for now, unfair though it may be, you are stuck.
  • Kevin is absolutely right. Some of my high ability legendary (level 8) have beaten the Runin threshold but are now held for the next elevation... the runin will be the one element that needs to be won or will be very expensive 
  • There are other items that I can’t find anywhere such as Epic Vinnacite for level 6-7 idols 
  • Cliomax - you can find Epic Vinnacite in the Underworld shop or if you can use black conversion tokens in conversion page. 
  • There is framicite for sale in the under world not  vinnacite and cannot buy them in the conversion shop
  • Vinnicite is like Runins -- they are not available anywhere yet.
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