Update Day!

Welcome to update day, Solgardians!

If you want all the details, a lot of it is here in the forum! We’ve shared quite a lot over the last few months, and we’d like to welcome you to the community. Lots of people are eager to help you plan out strategies, and brainstorm new ideas.

Here’s a summary of the updates we’ve made to the game:

  • Brand new creature tier: The Mythicals! These creatures are the next level past the Legendary tier. Even the gods of Solgard have created apparitions of themselves to fight at your side.

  • Game modes and rarities. We have enhanced all of our game modes - Bounty Hunts, Treasure Caves, the Underworld, the Dungeons, Hero Arena, and Hero Challenge. Players can now battle with all the exciting and different tiers of creatures!

  • Creature redistribution. We have updated the creatures so there are an even number of creatures in each tier, and each tier has the appropriate amount of power.

  • Conversion tokens. We have given all Solgardians a heap of currency tokens (based on their gameplay progression) in order to customize creature abilities/ranks to suit new strategies.

  • Idol system updates and tokens. We have updated the idol system and provided all Solgardians with idol tokens to use on building new and improved idols.

  • Experience curve enhancements. Embla is now affected by the strength of the army she fights behind, and the number of experience points she needs to advance in each level has been changed. 

  • Dust system update. Instead of colors, dust now comes in rarities. 

We are constantly enhancing Legend of Solgard with new features, modes, creatures, and concepts. We want to keep you engaged, moving forward and having fun.


  • The LoS Ambassadors have created a FAQ to help everyone out. Take a look here first if you have questions. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WxYgf3Gjkn8v26Wbkh24n4-tg8NjC9rlJ2wcwuEfasw/edit?usp=sharing

    We will try and keep it updated as best we can as more questions come in.

  • So far I am not enjoying the update
  • Same all around, it's difficult keeping the guild from collapsing due to people quitting over this update.
  • The game become lot more linear with the update. There are less player choices and there is no challanging single player mode available. The Boss Arena isn't available this week.
    There is a lot of facerolling to be done, after using the redeem tokens and the new content isn't that exciting.

    Previously, high rarity creatures did interesting stuff, but they were really expesive to upgrade. That is not the case anymore. They are cheaper and low rarity creatures can't compete with them anymore, but that doesn't mean that the game is more fun.

    Also, as I lost interest, I felt like the daily quests were too much, in addition with the guild goal and Boss Arena. I rather wanted 3-4 random daily quests with reroll.
    I think I'm just quitting.
  • Our guild has lost 4 players due to this update and need to spend more time on the game to excel. We will probably losing more. The thrill is gone 
  • Thank you very much for the FAQ page.  Very helpful.    I encourage the continuation of it.  I think the last thing on the page is the DUNGEONS heading.   Have a good one!
  • I already had issues with the time commitment before the update. I'm missing the random contents of the chests you could get at the end of the day. Getting keys is boring. This is the first game that ever got me to spend some money on it. Right now I'm mostly overwhelmed and a bit confused with the changes. I haven't checked the help content on this site yet. Did they update it for the new creatures and features? I'm not quitting yet, but I'm disappointed about the limited uses of my favorite common creatures.
  • I would like to thank the Solgard team for their excellent update.

    We have lost no members, we helped the ones who had a hard time understanding the conversion tokens and we supported our guild with the change.

    I waited to post for the first events to roll out and now that the new season is open we think we are doing great in the Dungeons plus its great to see all the creatures put into their roles and how there roles are used in multiple different events.

    2 things we would like to have the Solgard team maybe look at.

    Please take a closer look at the hero challenge, it is very one sided i am told as every new battle you are fighting against legendary creatures. No other role can compete. (maybe the battle should be rare/epic/legendary and more randomized instead of that teams strongest because after a few battle you cannot compete until your 3 hour refresh)

    Also maybe please look at the idols distribution. 
    for example to even get a common core it is only the the underworld shop and it costs 560 silver skulls and you need 4 of them. This i very expensive for just part of a common idol.

    Even with these suggestions we are giving you two thumbs up.
    Well done.
  • سلام لطفااپدیت بازی لگاندسولگاردرابرای من بفرستید ممنون
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