Revamp Phone Prep

On Saturday, I plan to do the following:

1.  Check all my apps, and turn off or uninstall ones not in use just to make some extra room.

2.  Check my saved files and get rid of junk.

2.  Clear all browsers, clear all history, and empty trash.

3.  Turn off my phone... yup turn it off completely and restart it... lol

4. Go to Google Play Games up and make sure my account is up to date.  Found it wasn't always updating, one time for a month, so now I check it regularly.  Gotta check that app to ensure it is always in sync.

5.  Google Play Store and enter Solgard through the Store to verify the sync.

May even go through all these steps starting Saturday until the update is released, which rumor has it may be Monday sometime... but you know how rumors can be.....

Gonna have a clean house (phone) in preparation for playing the new version 😁

@Electra did I miss any phone clean up that may make my update a little bit smoother?


  • Think about the past updates... how many times were the instructions to clear caches and restart phone?!?! lol

    How about we save Snowprint some crash reports by having our phones ready for the update?

    Let's do our part to help ensure a smooth transition! 😃
  • I had no idea Android users had to go to such great lengths to keep their phones running smoothly.
  • Only if your phone is older and has too many apps or not enough memory to begin with. My phone is 5 years old and so far I have no issues with it. But I noticed that I should have bought more memory 5 years ago ;-)
  • edited July 21
    Yup, sure enough my Google Play Games wasn't syncing again... Whew, back on track now.. wouldn't want to lose any of my progress.

    And yes @LiquidMinstral  and @Hägar  my phone is as old as me in phone years... lol.  Gotta take good care of it.  Took me forever to give up my old flip phone!

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