Guild Leadboard Numbers before the crazy update

Our guild ranked 47 last season but now ranked 14,908.  NOT HAPPY and very demoralizing.  Questioning why this low and based on what??  ?Based on upcoming updates.  If so, then ?penalizing us lower level guilds! Or all guilds presents ranked 14,908 till guild start playing dungeon.  


  • We are here in the standings ... We hope that others will answer you and show you their position so find out if other guilds are close to you.
  • We are 13555 from 576. Makes no sense to me. Maybe it’s best not to worry until the update has happened
  • Oh, so that's what's going on. We were around 2604 and are now 8507. Our first Boss has only 500HP. Haven't seen one this low in a while. Last time the lowest boss had at least 1000HP.
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    @Bedazzle, it seems the current rank being shown has no link with our past season standing. The current rank being shown at my guild is 14209 despite finishing rank 11 in the past season.
    And its always been 14209 just before the start of each season at reset. 

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    La classifica è finita e statica l'unico dato certo è l'ultima stagione forse divideranno per categorie come in altri giochi in modo che non arrivano sempre le stesse gilde tra i primi 100.
    Tanto chi ha shoppato e gioca da prima sarà sempre più forte degli italiani che giocano da poco.

  • Translation of  above: the ranking is over and static the only certain data is the last season, perhaps they will be divided into categories like in other games so that the same guilds do not always arrive among the top 100.
     Both those who shopped and played first will always be stronger than the Italians who have been playing for a while.
  • Just relax everyone! The team rank doesn't matter since the dungeons are closed. If you ever noticed, every day between seasons, all guilds are ALWAYS ranked really low, and the rankings don't start changing until the seasons starts and guilds start doing damage. So don't take it personally!
  • Something not correct with starting ranking which was unknown prior to guilds disclosing.  ItalianWarriors start out at lower ranking begin season though they were 167 last season.  So those guilds that worked hard as a team to get low last season rank get penalized by having to work extra hard just to get to ItslianWarrior starting rank this coming season.  NOT RIGHT!   All guilds should start out at same rank beginning next season or should start out comparable to where they placed last season.  No wonder guilds are unable to advance.  The high top guilds again get the advantage of starting the guild dungeon season at a low ranking to begin with LiquidMinstril. 
  • Is this what is meant by your alliance (I.e.  Federation).  You scratch their backs while they scratch yours!
  • In any horse race, the horses that start in the back based on their  ranking of previous races (I.e. poorer performance not better performance). have to work triple or doubly hard to get to the front. Usually the back horses never place!!
  • I am also a problem solver. One possible solution is for all guilds to start at zero points (rank).  various degree points subtracted for each crystal damage while guild boss damage significantly increases points = ranking. 

  • Doesn’t matter what it shows right now who ever hits the first boss for damage when it starts will be ranked no1
  • This was ours
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