Underworld bug

I just finished playing HARBORR in the underworld. I got tons of hits, but none of them were showing up in the total. The score continued to read 0. Finally at the end it gave me 14 points! Very disappointing since I should’ve gotten 250-300. Anybody else have this happen?


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    I’m assuming you mean the guild boss, not Underworld.

    HARBORR has an absorption crystal that will absorption up to 10 points of damage from EVERY single hit (including damage from fire, poison and abilities) made to the boss (adds aren’t affected). This is taken off the initial damage, prior to any doubling effect resulting from directly hitting the boss, so it can really make a huge dent in your damage dealt.

    If this crystal was at full strength when you attacked the boss, then you would need to hit for at least 11 (counting as 1) to do any damage at all. So low damage is entirely to be expected in this case.

    Destroy (or at least weaken) absorption crystals first, then your damage on the bosses that have these crystals will be much better.
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