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(This post is part of a series. I realize that some of it will not make sense without the entire series, so bear in mind, when I’m done, you’ll have posts about Idols, Creature Conversion, Dust and Gems, and Dungeons. I can only post things that are through the testing process, so, please be patient with us while we finalize everything!)

The idols have been significantly overhauled. In addition to the major changes to the whole idol system (idols retained their names and some qualities, but there’s no 1:1 correlation between the old versions and the new), we were also looking at such a wholesale change in the creatures that we knew everyone would want to make at least some changes.
So, we’ve gone with the nuclear option. All idols will be removed and destroyed. (Do not panic! How we make that up to you will be in the next section!)
Here is how the new system works. In order to create an idol, you will need:
  • Molds
  • Cores (rarity based)
  • Materials (now in only two flavors, “sun” or “moon”)
  • Minerals (also rarity based)
Minerals themselves come in two types:
  • “Type A,” found through regular gameplay, and available in all rarities.
  • Type B, found primarily through special events, and themselves available in four specialities:
    • Generic, all rarities
    • Attacker, legendary/mythical rarities
    • Defender, legendary/mythical
    • Supporter, legendary/mythical
So, for example, in the new system there might be a new Rare Sun Tyr mold, one that would look good on a defender. To make the idol, this mold asks for one common core, four rare cores, two rare (type A) minerals, twelve sun materials, and some amount of gold. A Legendary Moon Tyr would require three epic cores, six legendary cores, five legendary Type A minerals, one legendary Defender mineral, and 110 moon materials.
By the way, a feature of the new system will be that when you dismantle an idol, it will give you back cores that are one level higher in rarity. Dismantle a legendary idol, get mythical cores!
Finally, idols now have both rarity and rank associated with them. A common creature can only use common idols, etc. And your creature’s rank must be equal to or higher than that of the idol you attach to it.
Once we decided on the nuclear option, it was time to do math. With our calculations, we have taken into account the rarity of the old molds, the number of materials you needed to create old idols, the rarity of the old materials themselves, what you had stockpiled, and more. The result: You will get a pile of idol conversion tokens in exchange for your old stuff. The conversion store will not necessarily have the same number of molds that existed in the original design. The new molds are in many cases more powerful than before.
The store (the general shop will have five tabs after the update, and the conversion tab is the one where you spend conversion currency) will offer all of the components in the new system. Again, there’s no direct correlation between the old system and the new. If you had twenty idols before the change, I can’t say how many idols you’ll have in the new. But we did try our best to ensure that you came out of the change with enough to get the same amount of _power_ (which, again, might not be the same raw number of idols) as before, if not more.
We have been testing the conversion with a small group of actual players, not paid focus groups or company employees. Because we’re still working on the changes, I can’t give you exact numbers. But this is the system you’ll see in the next update.

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  • you definitely need to give back gold as well, not only tokens
  • Crafted that Legendary Idol which is sitting on Lvl 7 Dazzlepaw... gonna miss my shiny new toy... had plans for that Idol with my 100+ hammers... lol
  • edited July 2019
    Hmmmm.... from the above post.....🤔

    By the way, a feature of the new system will be that when you dismantle an idol, it will give you back cores that are one level higher in rarity. Dismantle a legendary idol, get mythical cores! 🤔
  • The bottleneck in the game is gold, we need moire gold.
    You can't break our idols without returning gold, the goldstruggle is real.
  • I agree, thé minimum is to returning the exact level of gold spent if thé new cost is the same. 

    If the cost is higher with the new idols, more gold has to be delivered, if less ... 
  • Here's a fun one..
    An epic core is 1550 underworld tokens, the reward stands on 10 per fight. That's 150 fights. even if you would do 5 a day, which you don't cause the legendary take priority,  that's a month for 1 core. AND YOU NEED 4 FOR 1 EPIC IDOL!! Then a buttload of other things.
    This is insane, i made epic idols regularly before this patch. Now what..1 every half year?
    You guys need to stop smoking whatever it is you're smoking.
    Legend of Stagnant 
  • Razlor. Lol. Called gummies. Not smoking.
  • and why does the epic tyr mold cost 88 conversion tokens but the rare one 259? ... so confusing.
  • I have a more basic question : What do the different molds/idols do, exactly? There’s no information on each one, just cryptic rune-based names. If they’re so hard to craft, shouldn’t we have detailed info on which does what and how? Also, can you use a mold more than once? I don’t want to spend conversion tokens without knowing what I’m getting into.
  • Great reply...Thank you  Kevin!
  • Thanks Kevin, that was very helpful! I hadn’t clicked on the different molds, because I didn’t want to buy one accidentally. Now I know better!
  • Hi, after playing more than a month with this new version I realize how rare some materials are and it will require me more than 6 months of gaming to barely mold an epic idol even playing daily. This really is discouraging, you guys should really think about making these upgrades more affordable to players.

    The game has now way too many types of materials and runes and so on, can’t you keep game resource type vers few (2 or 3 max) and make them useful for every type of upgrades instead. It is too complex and really lacks flexibility in the player decisions to invest in some upgrades.
  • This is great feedback which has passed onto the devs many times. The more we discuss it, the more they will take note. There will definitely be adjustments to how the economy works now that players have been using it, and they can see how it works in reality, rather than just on paper. Don't despair too much, because tweaks will be coming.
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