Game Crashes campaign 63

Pixel 3XL up to date OS not running beta. Crashes almost immediately after attempting enter campaign fight 63.


  • Same on pixel 3
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 also crashes on campaign mission 63 just after hitting 54% on the loading screen. I don't know what phone my friend has but he has the same issue.
  • I am using a Chromebook and mine crashes on Hero Arena after hitting 54%.  My device is up-to-date and I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game.  No luck
  • Same for me on Nokia. Loading level 63 gets to 54%  then game crashes entirely
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    Also on a Samsung S7, loads to 54% and the game closes its self. This has been a 4 day wait for me, still level 7 and the only XP gain i have to look forward to is from dailies. At this rate ill wait another 6 days before being able to play Arena, cant possibly explain how ecstatic i am about 10 days of Dailies before i reach level 8 (/end sarcasm). A fresh level 7, effected by this, would wait 16 days on XP gains from dailies.

    Anyone effected deserves to be compensated/rewarded for waiting on a fix.
  • Same situation. When you load level 63, the game closes and begins to load again. Tried to come on other device, the situation didn't change. It started 4 days ago. Tech support is silent.
  • So we are going to wait for an update to fix this? How about a hotfix were you patch it so there arent people bottlenecked to almost nothing for progress.
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    After recent update on 26 June, I cannot play both Arena modes. While loading games 54% and shut down suddenly - my chances to play were deducted, even I couldn't play at all thoguh.

    I am a Galaxy S10+ user. 
    I did what THE KING SERVICE TEAM SUGGESTED but those doesn't work at all.
    Please stop asking me such stupid things. Whe I ask you guys I have already did What I can do.

    I paid money for getting such playing chances but now I just waited dut to such bugs and I think your company should comp for this.
  • Same here on Huawei P Smart (Android 8). Campaign level 63 consistently crashes at 54% loading progress. Had no other crashes so far, so the problem seems to be with this particular level. 
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    Waiting for an update isnt really a reasonable response to players, unless your objectives arent about player retention and game quality. Youre telling players to wait on a game design that has broken their progress. I dont know why any developers would find it reasonable that players wait for an update, when a hotfix is the best solution.

    Hotfix the serious problems, and this is serious. And update the not so serious other problems and/or newer/revamped content, later.
  • Same problem on Honor 10 :(
  • Currently level 8 and now on top of the campaign being broken the hero arena I just unlocked is also broken. At this level we only have 5 game options open to us which means currently 40% of this game is broken. How do you have a game on the market where 40% of the game is broken for a week? Without a guild season happening it is actually 50% broken. Unbelievable. 
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    Hello! Same problem. Crashes at 54% loading progress in level 63
  • Exact same behavior for me.  LG G6 phone, crashing on level 63.

    Sucks cuz I love this game but I can't play it. 

    Please hot fix!
  • Glad I'm not the only one who is having this issue. I hope they fix it soon.
  • Got a push notification from the game today about a big update tomorrow. Looking forward to it thank you!
  • As with many other game minimises then reloads when trying to load campaign 63.
    Razer phone so android as everyone above.
    Chests can be opened.
    Treasure maps work
    Bounties works
    Chat works
    Maps before 63 can be replayed (for silly low rewards)
    Uninstall / reinstall doesn't solve issue.

    My guess is the rebalancing of lv63 had a coding issue, hope the major update solves the problem.
    As would be a shame to lose a game I've just started playing and enjoying.
  • The same issue, xiaomi redmi note 5...
  • This is being looked into and should be fixed soon.

    Make sure to update the app to get all bug fixes as soon as they have been released! 
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