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I know our regulars have seen most of this in bits and pieces as I chat with people in the comments, but it’s time to make sure everyone has seen it. And it’s time to give you a head start on planning your armies for the update.
You know we've been revamping the game to focus on different lanes for different rarities, so that in most game modes, legendaries fight legendaries as opposed to running roughshod over common creatures. The next step in this plan involves adding more legendaries to the game (along with increasing drop rates for their gems and increasing ways to get them in general).
It’s much more than just legendaries, though. We also need to make ALL the creatures suit all the new rarity-gated modes. So once we push the changes to the Underworld and the Arena Challenge live (that update is in testing now), it will be time to bring you the creature revamp.
We've redistributed the original creatures among the four rarity types. In order to accomplish an even mix without swamping you with too many new creatures, we’ve made some changes to the existing army. Some creatures changed “type” or “race” so we could have the proper balance for the type-limited challenges. Some creatures changed rarity, some going up and some going down. That was done not to buff or boost a particular character, but strictly because we needed, say, a particular color’s damage type in a rarity where one or none had been before.
We have invented a few new creatures in order to start you off with exactly the same number of creatures in each of the original four rarities. Unlike past new creature releases, however, we will not be doing that thing where the new ones have a much greater chance to drop. All drop rates are subject to adjustment, however. Nor do we have special events with scorcher stones. The creatures listed below will all just appear, as normal. (We will be bringing back special events once the upheaval is behind us.)
We will be adjusting individual creatures to suit their new roles before the launch, but the smaller adjustments will rightfully wait until the major update is in your hands -- so we can adjust based on how you actually play, not how we think you’re going to play. We also already have plans for new creatures that address some of the strategic gaps. Please, think of this as a starting point, not an ending point.
I know the new lineup, and I’ll post it below so you can start thinking about your strategic choices going forward.
I also know you have lots of questions about HOW we’re going to handle the conversion...and I can’t answer them today. There are multiple factors to consider, all involving your investment. We know you’ve spent time, money, or both on your creatures. We know that if you’re still here after all the changes we’ve made, you may have a certain emotional investment as well. We are considering a lot of possible scenarios, and we’re going to be running our final choices past a group of actual players (not a focus group or a bunch of paid evaluators) before we put this live.
The revamps are almost over. Thank you so much for sticking with us.
If you would like to post your top concern in the comments, I will be making a little spreadsheet with the most common reactions - so feel free to “like” someone else’s comment instead of posting your own. It will count as two “votes” in my table. If you can keep it so I can cut and paste comments directly, I would be very grateful.
Speaking of tables! I know full well this is going to change how people invest, effective immediately...and please know that’s why we’re telling you this even though I don’t even have a patch date yet!
COMMON: Dazzlepaw, Elfling, Roughpaw, Redguard, Mudscrape, Boomline, Grimchop, Gnawbark, Tusker, Nightcast, Mire Wyrm...and a new yellow attacker, does electric damage.
RARE: Rotbite, Glowbuck, Cracklehoof, Hobling, Bog Mage, Gloomfang, Croaker, Witherwild, Mossbow, Stonefist...and two new purples, an attacker and a defender, fire damage types.
EPIC: Firestrider, Sun Mage, Sundrench, Valkyrie, Shroomling, Cinder Wyrm, Flame Wyrm, Rock Gronch, Land Wyrm, Ghast, Dunder Gronch, Foul Sprite.
LEGENDARY: Sunblade, Pyroon, Grimbash, Wyrm Wrangler, Vinebeard, Wink Warg, Lamp Wraith, Moon Mage, Raven Master, and a new yellow, red, and green.
The current list of creatures who have changed race:
Grimchop, Nightcast: Warrior -> Small folk
Fire Strider, Rock Gronch, Dunder Gronch: Spirit -> Warrior
Raven Master: Small folk -> Wight
Please note: “current” means it potentially might change if something comes up in testing. I’m not trying to make your lives harder, I’m being transparent in a situation that is very much in flux.

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  • Running roughshod is my favorite!!!  I took my Commons and one rare into the Legends League and have been able to stay there for quite a few seasons, and swipe the 55 wins chest each time....

    Gonna be a wait and see, hope I don't feel limited too much... go through this gate, using the creature , at this time, might as well use the auto battle, and don't fall asleep because you'll miss some good rewards..  lol.

    I loved the old freestyle play because of the strategy and creature knowledge needed to succeed.  Segregation versus integration... my preference has always been integration : )
  • Hi,
    will the revamp be a foreced upgrade? If yes, how much in advance will you announce the definite date?
  • So if you haven't upgraded a creature that goes up in rarety you're royally screwed? Since the upgrade costs is so much more, I, for example have not upgraded raven, and he is becoming legendary, making his skills unaffordable to upgrade. Meaning everyone who has done his upgrading got a much much better deal. Sounds a bit unfair no?
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    Pouvez-vous s'il vous plaît nous donner le nom français pour la créature sera modifiée. Merci. Impossible de joindre des captures d'écran pour vous aider :(  oh I just found the link for all names in 19 langages. Thanks and keep going it s a nice game !!!! 
  • Razlor said:
    So if you haven't upgraded a creature that goes up in rarety you're royally screwed? Since the upgrade costs is so much more, I, for example have not upgraded raven, and he is becoming legendary, making his skills unaffordable to upgrade. Meaning everyone who has done his upgrading got a much much better deal. Sounds a bit unfair no?
    There are so many changes taking place that you cannot place you current view of how easy/difficult things are to update with what is about to come. It's been aid, you can't please all the people all the time, but the devs has really made great strides to try and do that, and make people feel like the update has improved their lot. Just give it a chance and I'm pretty sure you'll be pleased with the outcome.
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