Hero Challenge

So if it's the best 2 out of 3. Why is it if you win the first 2 you still have to play the 3rd?  This is a waste of a team!


  • Barefoot. I agree with you. But player still wins points for next round. Also, does not seem just that your opponent does not deplete his team though we deplete our minions and unable to use twice.  Actually in hero arena, players should have to stick with same player till minions depleted both sides and no one should be able to revive one’s minions. 
  • Absolutely agree, @barefoot. A lot of things about Hero Challenge are wrong now.
    1. Losing a Bout means you not only lose your streak bonus, but only drop one tier. So instead of getting 1.5 x for tier 3, you now get 1 x. Gee, Thanks.
    2. Reviving creatures is definitely not on; although, even though there is a league table, it seems there for pride only. As far as I can tell, there is no reward for being #1 (at least for now).
    3. Creatures exhausted for 4 hours and then immediately ready to go. So, unless I can interrupt my sleep/work etc and play exactly every 4 hours, I miss out.
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