Bug report - Heroes arena & Heroes challenge

Hello everybody, 
I'm posting Here because since 4 days I'm expreiencing a bug : every time I launch a game Heroes arena (Arène des héros) Or Heroes Challenge (Défis des héros) the game crashes at 50% loading. 
I don't know if it is related but this bug appeared just after I migrated my account on my new phone

Is there someone who experiences the same issue or have any information about it? 

Thanks 🙃


  • Same problema here.

    My new pone is a Redmi Note 7 (Android 9)

  • I'm having the same issue, hero arena and hero challenge...it loads to 54% then crashes! I am in a top 200 guild and play everyday... I'm using a Motorola G6 play.
  • Same on a new Samsung S9 with android 9, freshly migrated. It crashes at exactly 54 % for both Hero modes.
  • I have never posted anything to the support team, but from what I read they are also having some crash issues themselves.. I feel bad for all us heavily committed and loyal players having to deal with this problem. Also thanks @Ash it's nice to know that it is not both our new devices that are the problem.
  • @MarkHawk,

    Hello my name is Rick, I can tell you are the one who gets things done, that being said can you please help me with this issue? I have asked for support assistance with this matter and still no response from them.
    I am lvl 21 and have spent hundreds of dollars on this game, I am a officer in my guild "Event Horizon" we finished around 150ish  last season.
    I have a moto g6 play with Android 8.0 also 2 gig hard drive, no other games on it and as few apps as it will allow, I use this device just for this game.
    So plenty of free memory as well, I also uninstalled and reinstalled with no success. Please help!!!

    Thank you for all you do!

    From one very loyal Solgard player to another, Rick.
  • This is being looked into and hopefully fixed soon! 
  • Tec support emailed me today and said that they are working on the problem, I sure hope it gets fixed because now I have zero buffs from hero arena and it is affecting the rest of my game play.( Those buffs make a huge difference)
    I guess when you uninstall and then reinstall solgard and you can't battle in the hero arena it takes all your buffs away.
  • I'm having the same problem.  I'm using a Chromebook.  I hope it's fixed soon!

  • Hello again,

    I'm running Android 9 now, and still not working. Just FYI.
  • @Electra would you kindly report back when the techs think the issue is resolved?  Thanks for keeping the Forum notified 😀
  • Same problem - crash at 54% Pixel 3XL 
  • edited July 14
    My phone is Galaxy S10 +

    I cannot play both Hero modes.....54% and app is syddenly closed. Even I think they should compensate for this but first of all I wanna play all Hero modes........ 

    Support team rarely answers for my queries and
    They said to me wait till they fix it while playing the other King's game. (Are you serious???)
  • Same problem,Samsung galaxy  xcover4
  • Anyone know of any updates on this issue?  Still not working for me and it's very frustrating.
  • We need a Hotfix! This should be priority before anything else is done, a huge part of this community plays on Android devices.

  • I cannot play both Hero modes.....50% and app is syddenly closed. Even I think they should compensate for this but first of all I wanna play all Hero modes. i already uninstall & install back the game still same problem.

    my phone xiaomi mi note 3
  • I cannot play both Hero modes. I can not play the campaign beyond level 63 either
  • No updates yet from the team. They have been completely silent on these issues for a week.
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