#WZRVY, Buffs 5341, Casual Players OK

Got 2 spots open at wzrvy.  Would prefer daily players, but casual is OK.


  • Yup, it's ok to be a casual player at wzrvy, my first guild.  Got some pretty strong 💪 players in there.
  • Calling semi casual players that want to be on a solid, long lasting casual crew.  2 spots available.
  • So you're sitting there wondering about the future of Solgard, might even be losing a little interest while you wait for Frozen to open and the creature revamp.... come join the Crew at wzrvy while you're waiting : )

    The timers are a nuisance, at least to me but.... the new Legendaries and the new Embla crafting material, and the opening of Frozen are all exciting future changes which I look forward to : )

    If you happen to join wzrvy, send a message to me if you would like to join our Discord channel where we share strategies, tips and advice... why try to figure it out all by yourself... lol
  • So many countless days going at it every single day... wzrvy is like our "vacation" guild where you can play, but it's ok to miss a day or two each season... take a break and come brainstorm with us on our Discord channel... before you know it, you'll be excited and looking forward to the next Solgard day!  lol.  #wzrvy no application necessary, just a love for the game!  
  • Beginning to suspect casual players aren't too active in the Forum... lol

    With the right 2 players, wzrvy could be in the Top 200... maybe not this season, been short 2 players too many days but the potential for next season is promising.  While Embla 20 would be nice, check out the join criteria, it's lower.

    Come and play with my friends!!
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