Vinebeard Toxic Squall hitting twice

I’ve been watching Vinebeard and it is definitely hitting a combined creature twice at the end of a turn, doing double damage.
It seems to be okay (only hitting once) when I create a creature during a turn but, if it hasn’t used all it’s moves during a turn, then the combined creature it picks at the end gets two hits instead of one.

Has anyone else spotted this?


  • If VBs right ability is high enough he can have 2 or even 3 of those hits. VB is by far the most beastly and OP toon in the game.
  • Thanks, @LiquidMinstral. Yeah, I see from the description that it can attack up to 3 creatures at the end of a turn if it hasn’t used the attacks during the turn. I just didn’t realise (or hadn’t noticed) that multiple attacks were allowed on the same creature.
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