Rank 13 Blood On Arrival (#OCPPD) looking for a diehard fan of game

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Blood On Arrival (#OCPPD) [buffs +8 HP, +3% Crit , +4% Block, +1 Sunburst ] are looking for lvl 21/22 player. Language no barrier.
We finished at rank 13 at end of season 17 (we played a player short for 4days),
Rank 15 at end of season 16, Rank 23 at end of season 15, Rank 29 at end of season 14 
We might have the weakest team in top 25 guilds, But perfect strategy and guidance makes us punch above our weight.

Contact me if interested to raise your game. 
Lets kick some ice together.


  • Lvl 21 looking for comp guild.  In casual at mo.  Donations 35k and want more active setup.  Got any spaces?
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