Is it just me, or is anyone else suffering from a lack of luck since the new upgrade? I am getting annihilated in HA and HC, my opponent will always get draw which give great combination possibilities while I get the most awful draws, sometimes not even a barrier is possible. Also, it seems to be taking longer to charge up the sun spear although maybe that’s because I’m struggling to combine creatures!


  • I noticed that the draw goes through cycles. I get about 4-5 in a row and then my opponent gets 4-5 in a row. Haven't counted exactly...
  • I fell from GM3 to GM2 last week and it looks like I will be in GM1 next week... I have mostly level 6 creatures, plenty of idols and yet I’m being trounced by teams of level 5 creatures. I even tried auto play for a few games but nope, I lost them too. Have I angered the gods???
  • The gods have been very fickle lately. But true to form, the Golden Fleece is hard to find and keep my fellow Argonaut (Solgardian). I myself have seen it. And what a spectacular sight, but sigh sigh.  It was yanked beyond my grasp right as I just wanted to feel it. Lol 
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