Valkyrie Dark Sky does 0 damage to Boss Nidhogg

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Like title says.  I was using Valkyrie and her Dark Sky (shooting arrows on combine) was doing 0 damage to the boss Nidhogg in the Boss Arena.  It may be all bosses, but I wont know until tomorrow as this is the first time it has been this way.  I checked the patch notes and don't see any mention of this, so I think it's a bug.  I had to switch to another character as this was a huge downgrade.


  • Yes. It seems that l had the same problem.
  • AshAsh
    edited July 2019
    Had the same problem, arrows were landing, no damage was showing.

    Reddit /Facebook posts reported Mossbow was afflicted by the bug as well.
  • I had the same issue yesterday as well and have reported this to the Game Studio. 
  • This just happened again on the Rainbow event.  It spawned two of those really big guys, and my Valkyrie Dark Sky missed them every time, like almost deliberately.  Defeating them without this ability is extremely difficult and why I chose Valkyrie in the first place.  To purposely nullify her main damage is really frustrating.  Please fix.
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