Possible Creature Double Tap Error

Is anyone else experiencing this error reported by one of our Crew?


  • Yes, I had this issue several times. But I chalked it up to thick-fingered me since I was playing on my phone and the internet connection was not great to begin with.
  • Thank you for the reply!  Might not have been a finger slip or Internet issue... possible glitch... Android or IOS?  Do you have recording capabilities?
  • I liked your comment because you shared info!  Thank you again 😊
  • It's and Android phone. Don't know how to do recording and my memory is pretty maxed out.
  • I've had it happen on ios, but only with valkyrie
  • Happened to me with other creatures. I don't think it has to do with a specific creature. Happened this morning on my tablet.
  • @MarkHawk, would you please move this over to Support?  Finding more players with the same problem, but no videos yet.

    Thank you so much
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    @MarkHawk, the valkirye tapping problem is quite common. Basically when we try to tap away the creature in the row ahead of valkirye, valkirye gets tapped away mostly as the valkirye is almost overlapping the creature standing infront.

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    Thanks for the info @JackSinghBOA.  No wonder I haven't seen it myself... don't use Valk too much... lol

    Mark Hawk is a moderator for the Forum, and helps keep info in the right category or move it up in priority.

    Do you know if there is a Discord technical post about this Jack?
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    @zzzz I'm kind of new at this, dont know about discord technical post yet but i'll check it out.

  • Still looking for someone with a video recording of the double tap error.  It helps the technicians immensely.
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