Can’t get past 19 - Training Camp

Following the instructions, I get to “now add the second Nightcast behind in the right”.

It is impossible to complete the drag. 

Please help.


  • Not sure I understand your issue. What exactly happens?
  • Yes its true, in the lvl 19 you need to move a character violet of the right side to the left side and the screen dont work, PLEASE FIX THIS BUG!!
  • Hi juanngti.  I have found that instead of dragging your minions to their spot, it is best to tap just once on them to get them stuck to your finger then tap to spot you want to place it.  Just be careful cuz sometimes the game thinks you are trying to remove minion off board versus moving him to new spot.  Good luck with your chest moves. Lol 
  • Same issue. Tapping doesn't work either. Disappointed I can not proceed with the game.
  • Can you post pics?
  • I can confirm.  Stuck in training.  Can’t get past level.  Screenshot attached.
  • Confirmed as bug since devs forgot to put second nightcast right side where player moving corner nightcast to add behind right.  In forum (click cogwheel left upper corner page), click forum tab then scroll to bottom of forum page. Click Contact Us. Devs will resolve hopefully quickly so you can continue on your Solgardian journey, my friend.  May the gods be with you. 
  • Hi guys!

    This is being looked into and should be fixed in the next update.

    Meanwhile there's a workaround so you can continue playing right away.

    Go to creatures and upgrade the Elfling and the level should work. 
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