Hero Arena

Looks like I'll be going back down to Grandmasters next season, first time in many seasons.  Really not too happy about that at all.

Don't think everyone got the memo to horde everything until the creature revamp.... lol


  • Another possible scenario... lots of players haven't updated and are reaping the benefits of the old Vile Villians and Treasure Caves, while I get to reap paultry sums of gold and sun gems and look at ridiculous timers.  
  • Zzzz. FYI.  Everyone has had to update to new updates to continue playing Solgard.
  • You are absolutely correct @Bedazzle .  Just talked to one of our Crew that got hit with a forced update on Friday 6/28.  

    How's the new update going for you?
  • Yesterday was next to impossible in HA.  Usually I get Chest 55 by Saturday, finally got it today.

    Does it seem to anyone else that one day can be way harder then the next day? My opponent's yesterday were mostly maxed out 7's... Solgard was much kinder today.
  • Don't y'all have anything better to do right now than play HA... Oh, right, timers... lol

    Have fun!  Everyone seems to be hitting HA hard this season!
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