Forum Badges

Would someone please explain the new Forum badge system?



  • If you comment then I can hit a Like or Agree for you..  lol
  • And then you can tell me if you get a new style or old style like .. lol
  • Done.😁
  • And then you can tell me if you get a new style or old style like .. lol
  • OK... someone hit my like button, thanks!  But I can't like you back if you don't comment.. lol
  • Still haven't figured it out... anyone out there with a clue?
  • Don't even know what Forum badges are... never mind new or old style =)
  • There's an old post LOL Forum badges, with a treasure hunt at the end of the list.  The old version told about types of badges and criteria... been on that treasure hunt for months now... lol
  • Haven't been working on these.
  • I am afraid I also was ignorant of these badges.  I gave you a like anyway.  Thanks for giving one back.
  • Thanks @colettebudge2

    Still haven't figured it out... sure wish someone would explain...  since they changed the format wondering if the rules changed too.
  • edited July 18
    hi, i also dont know what these mean, anyways i did my bit :smiley:
    anyways no hero challenge to do something on my alarm counters

  • Yay!  25 LOL's... there used to be one called Da Bomb, five different badges in one day... That would be a great one for players new to the Forum ☺
  • @zzzz  I only disagree because we would almost fall into "TGDMB" Syndrome  ;)
  • LOL just for you Mac 😀
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