New Underworld Material

Sure looks like there is a new material in the Underworld.  If I redeem coins to purchase what appears to be fire materials will I just lose the coins or will the new material be added to my Collections inventory?


  • I’ve not got the update yet, but I saw your post earlier. Are there new idol molds in the undiscovered section of your collection? If not, I don’t think I’ll be buying any new material types just yet...
  • I’m beginning to think Legendary Idols are just a myth too...
  • edited June 2019

    Not a myth...  lol

    Doesn't give specifics on the molds in new UW, i.e., if it includes what I think might be fire.  No molds with fire(?) yet, and Collections does not show it as a stock item.
  • Thanks @zzzz. So they do exist... Maybe unicorns and fairies do too? LOL.
    Honestly, my guild reaches SMANIR, I beat boss arena every week, and I am up to chamber 28 in Underworld (old version). What do I need to do to get hold of one of those things?
  • Both Speed on my team and me got ours from Boss Arena.  Remember getting mine... had less than 75 HP left on the Boss, thought "woo hoo, gonna be a whole lot in the chest when I go in and beat him", couple quick turns, chest time, and BAM, there it was.

    Can place on a Level 7 creature, requires a ton of materials and 33500 gold to craft.   

    If I had not updated to the new Treasure Caves and Bounties, probably could have afforded to put that bad boy in play... now I just get to look at the shiny toy and dream... ain't  no reason I'm so cotton picking upset with the Caves and Bounties update, all the way back down to Gang 1 when I was beating the tar and feathers out of the Vile Villians for great gold daily.. prosperity to pauper in one update.. 

    Where's all the gold now???  Need me some cash flow like the old Vile Villians Gang... dagnab it!!! lol
  • Hey @KevinTropman may the fairies, unicorns and Lady Luck be with you in the Boss Arena today : )
  • Unfortunately not. LOL. It’s another rare Muninn idol for me. But, ye, that is an awful lot of gold...
  • Underworld - was on level 28. Now busted back to level 15 (common/rare) and level 1 (epic/legendary)... 🙁. Kinda looks fun though.
  • New version seems to make getting crafting materials a whole lot easier  😃
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