New Hero Challenge, Auto Pick

Using the newest update in Hero Challenge.  Please fix the auto pick.  Why in the world would someone put their strongest creatures in first when they will be needed later in the game? Current auto pick makes no sense in the new Challenge... lol


  • I use auto pick and then adjust as necessary depending on the creatures I am facing. I find it very useful to know what my strongest available team is at any point during HC, even if it isn’t the team I choose to go with. Surely, choosing when to use your best creatures and when to keep them back, is where the skill and knowledge for HC lies? And, if you have the AI do everything for you, what is the point in playing?
    Look on the positive side... at least there are no cooldown timers in HC. 😁🥳🤫
  • @KevinTropman think you'll be changing your mind about this when you see the new update released to some Droids, including me 😃
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    Kinda iffy on the new Hero Challenge.

    Just got hit with a choice of 3 extremely  strong HA players.  You know they will be making those 100 diamond purchases so they can reuse their creatures.  Definitely suited for a pay to win player, which isn't quite my style.

    I'll just stop for now until my creatures are once again available at no cost.  Won't be able to keep up with them... they're gonna end up "dusting" my buff... 
  • Ah yes, @zzzz. I should have waited for the update before commenting. I see what you mean... it has completely changed. And I guess I spoke too soon about cooldown timers in there too... LOL.

    4 hour cooldown for each creature used definitely implies you should choose your team carefully. I can see a lot of strategy, particularly at the start, as players try to build up a streak bonus and try save their best for strong opponents when the streak is maximum.

    Yeah, definitely gonna need to think about that one, and the ability to reset creatures is definitely strongly favouring p2w players but, unless I’m missing something, there does not appear to be any additional rewards for where you finish in the HC league table, so I don’t really see any advantage beyond getting through to the 4030 arena points needed for the top chest.

    Reserving judgement, but looks like an interesting change to me.

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    Would really like an option to pick different opponents pretty please, like in HA!!!!  Save me from these opponent beasts!!!... lol

  • I'm only ahead of the "easiest" opponent bout power by about 100... lol
  • Yup, took the defeat so I could move on, won the next match, and then...

    "Easiest" opponent has more bout power than me... 

    Where's the Refresh button.... I really could use one... lol
  • The old HC worked better for opponent choices. If you chose a harder opponent in one round and won, the three opponents offered for the next round would all be harder (and worth more). If you chose the middle and won, the next three opponents would be roughly the same. If you chose the easiest opponent or lost a bout then the next 3 opponents would be easier (and worth less). I felt that was a good system, that allowed players to devise different strategies to try and get as far as they could while balancing risk. It could work well here too, allowing players to drop the difficulty and use available lower rank creatures, before raising it again and using their better ones...
  • @zzzz. Slightly risky, but I do it sometimes. Throw weak creatures against the first dual. You will probably lose, but you will then have stronger creatures to use against your opponent’s Beta and Gamma teams, which may give you a slight edge. The risk is that you get unlucky and lose your streak 🙁 (I really hate that).
    In this situation though, I don’t think you have much alternative and, if you do lose, hopefully you will have easy opponents again...
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    If I keep getting crazy strong opponents like what I've been dealt, don't stand a chance in HC especially against play to win opponents.

    Hmmm, my bout power went up from 17422 to 17508 but I haven't upgraded a single thing... wonder why the change.
  • Hero Arena buff upgrade?
  • Nope...  they're kicking the tar and feathers out of me there... lol. 
  • <sigh> always Johnson and LuckyCat8 in my opponent choices... Anyone else getting the same choices?

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