Bounties and Treasure Cave Timers

Almost 6 days on that timer!

Yup, I'm a little frustrated to say the least... feeling I made the wrong choice by updating to the new Treasure Caves and Bounties.

After putting in a whole lotta time and effort to defeat Vile Villians Gang 4, I'm way down here at Troublemakers.  Woo hoo 350 gold in them thar chests compared to almost 6000 in the old Vile Villians Gang 4 chest, not to mention the over 1500 gold for beating each gang team.

How am I ever gonna get back to the level I was before at this rate?!?!!?!!??

How about Snowprint giving me a chance  to at least get to a decent level.

Please turn them silly little timers off for at least a month so I can at least work my buffs off to get a fairly decent level.

The current set up is truly testing my patience, and I have more patience than most.  


  • Okay!!! Enough already with the timers.  Please turn them the heck off until they are at least working at an acceptable level.

    You're #1 fan with the patience of a saint is becoming a wee bit peeved!!!
  • I really can’t work out how the timers work, but I do always seem to have 2 sets of bounties available each day. Today it’s Legendary and Rare, but why the Epic one is nearly 5 days away, I have no clue. Since the cooldown for the timer on free goes is 6 hours; the only way to clear both bounties is to use tickets.

    Treasure Caves work the same way for me; I always have 2 caves available, even if the timer on the other one may be days away.

    Surely, this is not right though? Shouldn’t the three sets of bounties/caves just be on a 3 day cycle, with a different level locked out for 24 hours on each day?

    Also, on Bounties, 1 of the available bounties always says Time Left..., while the other says Resets In... I am guessing that one of them will lose progress made towards clearing a gang, while the other means progress will be retained, allowing you to progress further the next day? But it’s not clear to me which is which?

    Having said all that, though, I like all the changes to Bounties, Caves and Treasure Hunt. Yes, progress was reset, but it doesn’t take long to get back up, and the number of attempts and rewards will be at least as good I think? (because you have more attempts than before). I also like that the Bounty ‘pyramid’ is now in addition - rather than instead of - the regular Bounties.
  • Bad day today... headed out to work, 30 minute commute if I time it right, got halfway there, and had to go back home because I forgot my badge which let's me clock in, gain access to different places and use the copier.  Yup, worst timing so rush hour traffic 2nd go... haven't liked the badge system since it was implemented 2 or 3 years ago.  Don't like punching a button on anyone's clock.  No room for freedom of thought.  Gotta answer to that clock.

    Ahhhh, finally home,  a little Solgard to unwind and relax.

    And what do I now get to see... timers!!!! everywhere!!!!!  Nooooooooo!!!  This isn't relaxing one bit, it's as frustrating and aggravating as the <bleep, bleep, bleep> work timers.  Wanna take a 🔨 to all timers right now.  Can't have both work and play driving me bonkers with timers..  work wins, a gal needs to eat and have a roof over her head.

    #1 Solgard fan ain't too happy right now... so I think I'll vent just a little bit more... 

    Got all kinds of Solgard creatures to feed, but am so Solgard cash poor can't feed but one every couple of days.   "Invested" in a mid size chest yesterday... sure didn't go very far.   
    Horde your gold for the upcoming update?  What gold? <sigh>  Went from a Solgard top level exec's income to a pauper with the upgrade.  Once again my Collections is lit with hungry peeps just begging to be fed.  Doesn't remind me of a Christmas tree like it did before... makes me think of starving creatures which I used to be able to feed.

    And what trend do I see in HA, maxxed out craziness for players willing to invest a fortune to buy gold.

    Definitely beginning to lose interest in this game which at one time I was over the moon happy and excited to play.😞

    Think I'll go do some housework... sounds more enjoyable and rewarding right about now 😃
  • We agree with zzzz, the new update is stressful! With the other version we had almost finished everything: caves, sizes, etc ... Afterwards we found ourselves having to start all over again! And as it happens to you too, we always have little cash which is not enough to enhance all our beautiful creatures. It is indeed a SIN ... We are leaders of a guild and therefore we must hold on and progress as best we can but it has become quite challenging. But we are WARRIORS AND WE WILL GO FORWARD !!

  • Yup, says I have one available, but yellow light is not lit up.  Can't play.

    Used to have fun whizzing through the Bounties.  Stupid timers.... off to go punch another timer, my work one.
  • Can someone please fix or turn off the timers while I'm at work.

    Would like to come home and enjoy some Solgard... not happening for me right now with the silly timers.

    Thanks, I hope 😃
  • Umm... @zzzz. The reason you can’t play in the screenshot you posted above has nothing to do with timers. You just need to select a red creature to add to your team, and then you should be good. 😃.
    (I’m just glad I’m not wearing Mulver’s shoes when you see this). 😁.
  • But I have to agree. I don’t understand the timers being 4 or 5 days either. Today, I did also only have one tier of Bounties available. Maybe this is because the Bounty Pyramid is up (which is now up for 3 days)? This may explain why rare and epic bounties are locked, since the rare timer is due to expire once the pyramid bounty ends?

  • lol...  So darn frustrated with timers everywhere that I just can't seem to focus on the game.  Thanks @KevinTropman , operator  error.  Almost as bad as plugging my phone into the charger and not plugging the other end into the socket.

    Did a little thinking about the latest update, and this is how I'm feeling....

    Drafted in the Solgard army without any consent... Now the game sets my schedule with the timers and tells which creatures I can use (no longer my choice).  Nothing wrong with the military, my father was a veteran.  But the Solgard military I've drafted into is really messing with my personal schedule.  No more free casual play, gotta come back morning, noon and night to meet that new schedule.  I want freedom!  Freedom to play at times of my choosing... my relaxation time!!!

    Whewww!!!! what fun to take down Rank 1 and 2 creatures in Bounties, one or two turns, so challenging and exciting!!!! (yes, that is sarcasm)

    Really not look forward to a gated Hero Arena... It's has been so much fun for me to take my 3 or 4 Common and 0 or 1 Epic and battle the big dogs in the Legends League with their full tilt Legendaries... lol There is a secret strategy I use too win.. let's just say I don't clean my phone intentionally sometimes not only to watch the superb Solgard graphics in slo-mo... lol

    Got a Solgard pending update... guess I go hit it and see if it finishes off my enthusiasm for playing any more.  
  • Goodness if Snowprint doesn't know just how to make me happy sometimes...

    🔨 time in the new UW... been asking for this for a long, long time!  <dancing>

    Now if I could just use one of my new hammers on the timers... I can dream, right?!?!

    See the four dots at the bottom, swipe left and right to select.  

    Thumbs up so far on the Underworld.

    Verdict is still out on the new Hero Challenge.

    At least I started at Chamber 12 in the Epic UW.   Chamber 1 for Legendary.

    As long as Snowprint doesn't nerf the creatures I've worked so hard on to unacceptable ranks and levels in the creature update, and the cost of things is adjusted due to a scarcity of gold, there may still hope.  Don't want to get my hopes up too much yet.  
  • 8 different materials type in Collections, and what do we see here?

    9 different materials in the Shop... top center one...
  • Same symbol as embla spell.
  • Thanks @MadScientist !  Wouldn't know an Embla symbol if you hit me over the head with one... lol

    Just downloaded another update, the Embla materials are gone from the UW Redeem, back to 8 materials choices.

    Time to go play with those silly timers and gates... hope I don't start having nightmares about timers and gates.... my imagination could have a field day with that combo... lol

    It was a pretty big update... maybe I go push all the buttons to see what is different. 😀
  • Unless you are a dedicated, morning noon and night player, the timers seem to be affecting players other than me... Really didn't like seeing this post from one of the Crew, but I totally get where he is coming from.

  • The new HC is terrible for this. At least with Treasure Caves, Bounties, Underworld and Hero Arena you can accumulate 2-3 charges overnight or during the working day, so at least they are there when you can use them and you don’t feel you have missed out.

    With Hero Challenge though, it is 4 hours per creature. Come up against a team that requires a creature that’s already exhausted, and you either have to wait, use a token (as far as I can see, these can only be bought with diamonds... why not free with daily quests, like caves and bounties?) or risk it with a less than ideal team.
    And if you cannot be back in exactly 4 hours, then that is time you don’t get back.
    Why not allow each creature to be used twice in an 8 hour period? Each use giving a 4 hour cooldown as now, but allowing a creature to be reused if less than 4 hours cooldown is left (effectively only locking creatures with 4-8 hours cooldown left)?
    Creatures with less than 4 hours could be classed as TIRED and, perhaps, have a small penalty applied (such as -1 level on each ability) if reused before the timer expires.

    The feeling of having to play religiously every 4 hours, or miss out is not a good one. Being forced to play to a rigid timetable is one reason I have quit games like this one before (League of Angels, for example).
  • Snowprint, sure hope you're reading this...

    With another player on our Discord channel saying.. been feeling that way too.

    I saw the writing on the wall as soon as the timers were added.   It's says.... timers have great potential for player loss. 

    Does Snowprint wanna keep it's fan base?  Make the game so a player is not a slave to the stupid timers.

    Scheduling is everything, and I want to fit Solgard into my relaxation time.  

    First mistake... moving Boss Arena from Friday to Tuesday.  Now Wednesdays are so full with options, and weekend options are limited at best.

    Second mistake, a huge one, introducing timers that are too rigid.

    There is still time to fix these issues... but you better do something soon please.
  • Nearly 2 months since the last post in the thread, and an update has come out since. The lockouts are still pretty punishing, and I've been experimenting with the lockout timers trying to figure them out.

    There is a whole lot of information lacking about the details, of the finer aspects in game. The game severely lacks a guide or information that actually teaches you anything useful, or how attempts work and to what affect, on the lockout timers. There are some very simplistic explanations of what things are, and to be honest, it seems pretty myopic. I can not seem to find anything (useful that is) that helps me with figuring out team compositions, or how the lockouts trigger. This has forced me to make risky decisions, that generate failures that are compounding to the lockout frustrations, and is heavily punishing to a players progress.

    For what its worth, it seems like you can avoid the several day lockouts, by using 1 attempt, and 1 auto harvest. I've only got to try this once, and the result was 24 hour lockout at reset. Furthermore, it doesn't seem like an "auto" harvest, if I have to manually collect it. Which is just another aspect that seems myopic, why not just automatically collect my "auto harvests" at log in during lockout periods? There isn't anything wrong with the concept of a lockout, or cooldown, whatever you want to call it, but at its current rate for timers, its heavily punishing. The Bounties seem less so, because of the Treasure hunts, and special bounty events. So i really have less complaints about that mode.
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