My Thoughts on the new Creature Revamp Update

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Hello everyone! Here are my thoughts on the topic. Please share your thoughts below!


  • Hammer Time! 

    I placed my Idols strategically.  To change my creatures, and offer no alternative to properly to place Idols on the revamped creatures except to buy hammers from the Shop?!?! 

    Hope Snowprint is taking this into consideration.

    Ideally put all my Idols back so I can place them strategically or give us hammers for currently placed Idols so we can move them as we choose.

  • Can you say where I can find the original information about the "Creature Revamp"? I would like to read this background information.
  • Having read LiquidMinstral write up and thoughtfully thinking this through, I had already come to the conclusion before LiquidMinstral writeup, that the issue is idols for those of us that have been playing the game for a very long time. I, personally, would be OK with devs just giving us free hammers based on our minions that are being down graded versus starting from scratch. 
  • So I take it this is the update some of my guild members are talking about? When will the update be available for me? I'm US Eastern Time and using an Android phone.  
  • No. The current update going out now is the Underworld and Hero Challenge update. Creature revamp will be the next one but we don’t have an exact time frame.  
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    In this new update the graphics and creatures are beautiful but Shroomling makes an impression with two heads!

  • Translation.. 

     In the new update the graphics and creatures are beautiful, but Shroomling makes an impression with two heads
  • Graphics are updated thanks to the hard working Snowprint graphics team.

    A round of applause to that crew 👏👏👏

    Went from being cute little creatures to beasts!  lol
  • Ma non abbiamo scritto in inglese?!? Beh, comunque è capito ma a noi sembra strano aver sempre scritto in inglese visto che è un forum in questa lingua, se ci sbagliavamo, scusateci per favore ma sembra strano.
  • Translation:

    But didn't we write in English?!? Well, anyway it is understood but it seems strange to us to have always written in English since it is a forum in this language, if we were wrong, please excuse us but it seems strange.

    I'm using a translator so I can read what you posted, enjoy reading all the posts, even those in Portuguese... lol
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