Shy Wyrm Syndrome

I recently noticed that sometimes when I survive a round with Hel that I seem to have a teeny-tiny purple 
wyrm at the end of it.
I know Hel is a scary woman, what with being undead and everything, and it might be perfectly understandable why my purple wyrm might sometimes shrink away in those circumstances, and I haven’t noticed this issue anywhere else but Underworld, so I’m thinking it’s all down to Hel’s withering charm.
My green wyrm and other creatures do not seem to have this complex and always seem to be brazenly shown full size.
Please can you help save my poor purple wyrm and return him to normal size before he disappears for good?
Thanks in anticipation.


  • Lmbo. Having trouble with shrivelling. Thankfully, I do not have that problem!
  • Only in the Underworld. Everywhere else, the old purple fella seems to be fine. 😃.

    If you’re up for it, go show Hel what a real purple wyrm can do - just don’t let her trap you in a cage! 😱
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