Any strategy for epic treasure caves?

the requirement to use long term hold epics essentially makes the last 2 or 3 turns  useless, resulting in my having difficulty in gathering the required coins for the stage.  I use a level 5 valk, level 5 crack, level 4 rock, and a level 3 Dundee, so I should have the power.  But since I can’t gather the coins, I can’t advance and so my rewards are next to nothing.  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks.


  • Your team looks okay but abilities are going to be key and you aren’t going to be able to unlock the best of those until you are rank 6. Valkyrie is very good and certainly the best red for this mode; level her Dark Sky ability and keep creating and merging them to pelt the board with arrows. Her fire is very helpful too, especially once it covers 3-4 columns but, again, they both need big investment. Rock Gronch is nice too, because he attacks whilst in hold but, because he targets the strongest urn, he often won’t finish things off. Arguably, Wink Warg would be better for this mode, since they can strengthen each other on creation/merge, and always run together (overriding hold times). Witherwild should also be good. Dunder is probably worse than Ghast because the front row rarely (if ever) has urns for him to drain.
    Fire Strider splashes fire around which can be a useful DoT, but Cracklehoof should be fine too.
    Unfortunately, rank 3-5 creatures are not going to get you far into the caves. Just do what you can and don’t worry too much about hitting targets and progressing. Just gather what coins you can and buy dust whenever you have enough.

    Remember also, this game is a trade off. Creatures that work well in caves may not be the best for other game modes. For example, Rock Gronch is really good for a host of other modes, so switching your focus to another green epic just to be better in the caves is a tough call to make.

    If you ever manage to get your legendaries unlocked, then, well, you’ll realise the epic caves are not really so bad...
  • Thanks, Kevin, that was a really informative reply.  With the changes to the bounties and treasure hunts, I am now struggling for cash, and dust, so I guess my best strategy in the caves is to go for the rare ones, since I can usually get all those coins, and also buy the dust in the epic caves, and then grind to rank up my guys.  I do have several legendaries, Sunblade rank 3 plus 3, Moon rank 3 plus 1, and I just got a Vinebeard, but of course they are expensive to level up.  And at their current level, they don’t seem to add much to the team.  Don’t really need Sunblade fences in the caves.  I’m going to take your advice and try Ghast and Wink in there, but I’ve pretty much ignored them while building up others that do better in the Dungeons and boss battles, so I’ll have to rank and level them up.  I really appreciate your taking the time to give me such a detailed response.  Thanks again.
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