Black Halo #MZCHW - looking for new players

Hey all!

We're an active but relaxed guild and looking for a few more members who are willing to join us in Dungeon fights, chatting about attacks and strategies and generally having fun and enjoy the game.

We try to buy boosters and coordinate attacks at 6pm eastern time, but we also have people from other time zones who attack outside of the 3h window, which is totally fine.

Optional discord server is up and running for those interested. Expect some more in-depth strategy chat and real life/off topic titbits.

I hope you'll join in the fun and see for yourself what I'm going on about.

----> Black Halo #MZCHW <-----



  • Hey all!

    Still a few spots left. Reminder, lower levels are welcome! Currently at lv11+
  • Thanks for your interest guys, the guild is currently full!

    I'll update you if and when we have an opening.
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