What is the point?

I’d post this on FB but lets be honest... Other than posts recruiting for spots where someone left a “TOP #” guild because they’ve poured money into a game that took their money then... well reversed any gain they paid for so they would pour more money into the now crash prone harvest coin store on a timer.

Mods advocating the greatness of the potential impact of the update labeled redesign that may or may not at some point affect the unreleased but still in the realm of possibility next update while reminding that the “devs are watching” as well as “the big boss” so don’t post your anger or frustration with the game destroying revamp because the devs are sensitive to truthful feedback and the new big boss might actually see why the game is now the equivalent to GoT s7 AND 8. 

Then of course you have the band members (those who want to sit at the cool kid lunch table) who serve no other purpose than to ride in the wagon and flame spray detractors and dev-praise them out. These folks post pictures of their loot hauls from the multitude of games now creature specific, that they have and have completely maxed out. You know these guys... they will hi-light your criticism by informing everyone you are complaining... oh and they love the game, the update, the powerfulness of their power and of course... the devs. It’s like a room full of hand raised pick me-ers vying for the virtual love and adoration that can only come from obtaining the elusive, yet completely void of value, rat point or whatever title the scooby snack pat on the head is called. 

At this point its probably entered your mind that Im not loving this update. Why waste the time to post? Because my time has been wasted... as well as yours. I am level 21... Im not eligible for Legendary TC because.... guess what... I don’t have the required team. This is the result of still hanging in there even though I spent months building different teams of the various creatures that I felt worked well to achieve what I needed in a range of scenarios. Now? Nope. I can only play where Im eligible and only with the team that the devs allow. These creatures are the most expensive to update both with gold and dust. They, in most cases, are the least powerful and produce the least positive results. TC that require creatures with 2-3 turn holds... genius! Better yet TC that do you the solid of telling you in advance you can get in but you aren’t leaving with anything... priceless. 


  • I'm not crazy of the new harvest, treasure gnome and rainbow either.
    First of all I'm low-mid level and haven't unlocked any legendaries. 
    That locks me out of 1/3 of the above.
    I'm just not feeling it, it was much better before.
  • @Trotter71 I get the frustrations you are having, as I have been having them as well. I have, throughout much of the evolution of this game, been rather critical of the devs, but at the same time find myself defending them when it comes to certain aspects of the game. Yes there has been a roller coaster of changes and some have not gone terribly smoothly (new TC and bounties for example), others have been quite good, like the recent treasure gnome revamp. That's the way it goes with new games, you keep on tweaking until you get it right, and just like Lincoln stated, you can't please everyone all the time. Of course, it is certainly easy to hurl stones and sling insults anonymously, especially when only seeing one side of things -- particularly that of an end-user who has invested countless hours into a game. But let's be honest, it's just a video game, and one that you probably haven't put any money towards. As a longtime player, and now having had the privilege to peek behind the veil of the development of LoS, I assure you that changes are being made to improve the game, and even though many don't necessarily seem logical at this stage, there is a grand plan and it is heading somewhere positive. I am not allowed to disclose details because of contractual agreements, but I can say, buckle up, because things are about to get interesting with the new major creature revamping, and the minor issues of gating and timers will get ironed out.
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